WholeLife Direct Primary Care: A Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Dr Talton at front desk

For those who haven’t had the chance to visit our concierge medical practice in-person, we thought we’d give you a behind-the-scenes tour of our beautiful office space. Our goal in designing the space was to create a private, comfortable environment that feels like home. We have a lobby (always with fresh coffee!) and a waiting lounge, although we promise you won’t be waiting long. We schedule our patients with enough time between appointments so there are rarely multiple patients waiting at any given time. This allows us to give each patient our undivided attention.

As you enter our main lobby, you’ll be greeted by our office manager, Colleen Hassler. Colleen has an extensive background in sales and office management, and is well-known in the local community. She prides herself on personally getting to know each patient at Whole Life Direct Primary Care and being Dr. Talton’s right-hand woman.

Additionally, our concierge medical practice boasts two fully equipped exam rooms. Schedule a consultation to see our facility in-person. We can’t wait to meet you!



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