Power of a good story healthcare podcast

Pair-O-Docs Podcast Episode 22: A Good Story Can Change Your Life

The Docs talk to renowned psychiatrist Dr. Perry Mandanis about the power of a good story and how it could make all the difference in your life. Dr Ira rants about the trend of Physician bashing and reviews the article “Keep up the insults, and good luck finding a Physician in 10 years.”

Discussing Sexual Trauma

Pair-O-Docs Podcast Episode 20: You Can Handle the Truth

Dr. Ira Pearlstine and Dr. Leighan Talton are joined in studio by Mindi Fetterman. Mindi is the founder of The Inner Truth Project, which offers therapeutic services to survivors of sexual trauma and provides education on prevention strategies and trauma to the larger community. Located in Port St Lucie, you can call The Inner Truth Project at 772-200-4599.

A weight loss discussion

Pair-O-Docs Podcast Episode 18: Tighten Our Belts

This week Dr. Leighan Talton and Dr. Ira Pearlstine welcome special guest Susan Dermarkarian, a registered dietician nutritionist with more than 30 years experience. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so what better time to try and find some ways to tighten our belt in preparation of the big feast? Plus, our weekly rant this week: Don’t Confuse Your Google Search For My Medical Degree.