Restoring the Viability and Dignity of Family Medicine: Making the Case for Direct Primary Care

doctor with patient Whole Life Direct Primary Care

Florida Family Physician journalThis is an excerpt from Florida Family Physician Journal, spring 2020.

My story is not unique.

I am a first-generation physician who chose family medicine for all the right reasons. After medical school, I returned to my hometown – hopes and dreams in tow – to practice medicine amongst family and friends.

I took the only paying job available with the local hospital where I worked for a few years before becoming fed up with the impersonal nature of the corporate health system. Of course, the “target patient numbers” and “metric-meeting” demands were no different in my small town than anywhere else, but they felt different when they affected the people I’d known since childhood.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew what I was getting into.

I trained in an era when my residency program prepared me for a typical 20-plus patient day on an EHR and when all of my mentors told me medicine had gone to hell. But what I found so surprisingly and inexcusably oppressive was the systematic disregard for physicians trying to solve their own problems and give better care.

I met all the corporate goals, saw all the patients, went to all the meetings, served on all the committees, and still, I was told my expectations for the health system were “unreasonably high.”

I went into Direct Primary Care (DPC) with the sole objective of “righting every wrong” of the corporate world.


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