Our promise is to bring you timely and accurate information as we receive it. Nothing is more important to us than keeping you informed.


Whole Life Patients Receive:

  • Dr. Talton’s cell phone number (call/text anytime)
  • Multiple weekly email updates written by Dr. Talton regarding current news and recommendations
  • Personalized approach to care management for each of our patients during quarantine
  • Same-day/Next-day telehealth visits to address new concerns and continue care of your chronic issues
  • Guidance on how to interpret symptoms and where to go for testing (if necessary)
  • Updates from local hospitals and advisory committees to keep our patients informed
  • Latest information on treatments as they evolve
  • Strategic medication plan – help with arranging delivery or no-contact pick up

Though the world seems to have stopped, health concerns like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer still need to be addressed. If you’re not currently a Whole Life patient, now is the best time to join.


COVID Resource Center:



  • Karen C.

    These email updates keep me sane. With all the news swirling around me, I find comfort knowing she’s up-to-date with what’s happening, and what she thinks we need to know. I forward them to my friends and family, and they are so impressed with the care I receive. It really is like having a doctor, and a friend.

    Brian K.

    Because of the quarantine, my upcoming surgery was cancelled, but knowing Dr. Talton will prioritize me and my procedure once its rescheduled is such a comfort. I know we can pick up right where we left off.

  • Richard W.

    Their office calls just to check on me, because I’m not really able to leave my assisted living facility right now. Now that’s caring, personalized service.

    Sue A.

    My cancer could not wait until this crisis was over. Dr. Talton and her staff helped me re-work our plan to get my issue addressed while keeping me as safe as possible. I am so grateful.

  • Lucy M.

    To know that if or when I have a problem that she’s just a phone call away is such a relief. Now is the exact time to have a doctor like this!