How Wholelife is Conducting Business
During COVID-19


Our Protocols During the Pandemic Reflect Our Desire to Put Patient Safety First



We have made (or attempted to make) contact with all of our patients multiple times during this pandemic.

We review charts daily and have tried to keep you all on track with routine labs and imaging, and discuss with you how you feel comfortable doing so.


For patients that require an in person visit (vaccinations, physical exams for surgeries, etc), we are scheduling appointments on Wednesdays. Visits are staggered to avoid contact with other patients. I often administer vaccinations in your car to avoid exposure to my office.

Occasionally we must see patients who are unable to mask for various reasons, they are generally seen at the end of the day to give us time to decontaminate our office/air prior to the next visit.

We then have 6 days after these patient exposures for us to manifest symptoms (hopefully not) prior to seeing the next batch of patients the following week.


These visits are appropriate for patients with general health concerns and chronic disease management, as well as checkup calls.

DID YOU KNOW? We typically receive more than 35 phone calls/texts daily, make more than 20 outgoing calls daily, and respond to 10-20 emails daily! We love communicating with our patients!


We are a small office. These protocols are crucial for our staff and patients to remain healthy. If we get sick, we will be unable to care for you.



Our promise is to bring you timely and accurate information as we receive it. Nothing is more important to us than keeping you informed.


Have you been exposed (or think you may have been exposed) to COVID-19?

Here’s what do do next


Whole Life Patients Receive:

  • Dr. Talton’s cell phone number (call/text anytime)
  • Multiple weekly email updates written by Dr. Talton regarding current news and recommendations
  • Personalized approach to care management for each of our patients during quarantine
  • Same-day/Next-day telehealth visits to address new concerns and continue care of your chronic issues
  • Guidance on how to interpret symptoms and where to go for testing (if necessary)
  • Updates from local hospitals and advisory committees to keep our patients informed
  • Latest information on treatments as they evolve
  • Strategic medication plan – help with arranging delivery or no-contact pick up

Though the world seems to have stopped, health concerns like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer still need to be addressed. If you’re not currently a Whole Life patient, now is the best time to join.


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