Our promise is to bring you timely and accurate information as we receive it. Nothing is more important to us than keeping you informed.


Whole Life Patients Receive:

  • Dr. Talton’s cell phone number (call/text anytime)
  • Multiple weekly email updates written by Dr. Talton regarding current news and recommendations
  • Personalized approach to care management for each of our patients during quarantine
  • Same-day/Next-day telehealth visits to address new concerns and continue care of your chronic issues
  • Guidance on how to interpret symptoms and where to go for testing (if necessary)
  • Updates from local hospitals and advisory committees to keep our patients informed
  • Latest information on treatments as they evolve
  • Strategic medication plan – help with arranging delivery or no-contact pick up

Though the world seems to have stopped, health concerns like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer still need to be addressed. If you’re not currently a Whole Life patient, now is the best time to join.


COVID Resource Center:



  • Sue A.

    My cancer could not wait until this crisis was over. Dr. Talton and her staff helped me re-work our plan to get my issue addressed while keeping me as safe as possible. I am so grateful.

    Brian K.

    Because of the quarantine, my upcoming surgery was cancelled, but knowing Dr. Talton will prioritize me and my procedure once its rescheduled is such a comfort. I know we can pick up right where we left off.

  • Karen C.

    These email updates keep me sane. With all the news swirling around me, I find comfort knowing she’s up-to-date with what’s happening, and what she thinks we need to know. I forward them to my friends and family, and they are so impressed with the care I receive. It really is like having a doctor, and a friend.

    Richard W.

    Their office calls just to check on me, because I’m not really able to leave my assisted living facility right now. Now that’s caring, personalized service.

  • Lucy M.

    To know that if or when I have a problem that she’s just a phone call away is such a relief. Now is the exact time to have a doctor like this!