Month: November 2019

A weight loss discussion

Pair-O-Docs Podcast Episode 18: Tighten Our Belts

This week Dr. Leighan Talton and Dr. Ira Pearlstine welcome special guest Susan Dermarkarian, a registered dietician nutritionist with more than 30 years experience. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so what better time to try and find some ways to tighten our belt in preparation of the big feast? Plus, our weekly rant this week: Don’t Confuse Your Google Search For My Medical Degree.

Are Medical Doctors Still Necessary

Editorial: With Google, Are Medical Doctors Still Necessary?

“Don’t confuse your Google search with my medical degree” is a popular saying these days from my physician colleagues. (The mark of popular saying in 2019 is whether or not its  expressed as a “meme”, and this one is a favorite meme among doctors.) What we are talking about is the new-ish phenomenon of patients looking up issues/questions/symptoms on the internet. The problem is not with patients wanting to be educated prior to speaking to an expert. In fact, the world […]


Harvard Study: Patients Fare Better Under the Care of Female Physicians

In January 2016, Harvard published results from a study assessing the difference in care between male and female physicians. One of the key questions addressed in the study was: Do patient outcomes differ between those treated by male and female physicians? Using a national sample of hospitalized Medicare beneficiaries, researchers found that patients who receive care from female general internists have lower 30-day mortality and readmission rates than do patients cared for by male internists. These findings suggest that the differences […]

DO versus MD credentials chart

From the Office of Dr. Leighan Talton: What’s the Difference Between an M.D. and a D.O.?

Many of my patients ask, “What is a DO?” My medical degree is from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, which makes me a D.O. not an M.D. When people take notice of my degree, they often notice that many long-standing community physicians in the area, of all specialties, are also D.O.s. The main difference between a D.O. and an M.D. is the medical school training. D.O. programs include an area of study known as Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. This is […]