Month: October 2019

Dr. Julia Nemiroff

From the Office of Dr. Leighan Talton: 5 Health Problems You Didn’t Know Could Be Diagnosed From an Eye Exam

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably had an eye exam at least once in your life. Most people think of eye exams as important for detecting vision difficulties, diseases of the eyes, and prescribing corrective lenses. And while eye exams are important for those reasons, they are also essential for diagnosing overall health. According to Dr. Julia Nemiroff of Retina and Eye Clinic of Palm Beach Gardens, numerous diseases of the body can be diagnosed from an eye exam, such as: Stroke […]

Female physician social networking

From the Office of Dr. Leighan Talton: Why Networking Groups are Essential for Female Physicians

On my radio show, Pair-O-Docs, I recently interviewed Dr. Julia Nemiroff, an ophthalmologist at Retina and Eye Clinic of Palm Beach Gardens, who aside from being a fantastic physician, is also founder of Stuart Physician Mommy Group (Stuart PMG). As a physician, wife and mother of three small children, groups like Stuart PMG have become vital to maintaining my sanity during these trying times. Who else could relate to diagnosing a heart condition, changing a diaper and cooking dinner all […]